Shibaura V70 Controller

With the new Injectvisor V70, you get a controller designed with the smart factory in mind, one that’s capable of integrating with auxiliary equipment via OPC-UA communication. Packed with new tools for speeding up mold set ups, optimizing cycle times, analyzing part defects, troubleshooting molding defects and more, giving you a faster payback on your machinery investment.

Rapid OneCUT Pro Granulator

The Rapid OneCUT PRO is a highly efficient energy-saving granulator capable of producing the highest quality regrind. The first slow speed granulator that you can open and clean in minutes.

Maguire Ultra Dryer

PNA Plastics is excited to represent Maguire and the their newest Vacuum Dryer – the First ULTRA Low Energy Dryer that also allows you to REDUCE your carbon footprint.

WM Flex 92 Series

Click on the link below to see WM’s newest offering – the FLEX 92. The FLEX 92 was introduced at the recent K show and received fantastic industry buzz – designed to be flexible and incorporate many existing tools.

Maguire Blenders

The most popular blender worldwide. Plastics processors all over the world are choosing Maguire Weigh Scale Blenders as their Gravimetric Blender of choice over all others.

Shibaura SXIII (formerly Toshiba)

Shibaura’s most advanced electric molding machine yet, the SXIII, delivers premium quality and reliability. The new V70 controller allows for greater processing capabilites and ease of use then ever before.