North Pier Equipment

Drying and Conveying Media

Maguire's Self PRIME Function

Maguire’s Self-Priming Control allows for instant calibration for fast start ups. The process is fully automatic and allows material to be ready within seconds by priming both the auger and barrel with material. While the auger and barrel are being primed, grams per revolution of material is calulated proir to the start of production. This insures accuracy from start to finish. See how it works here.

Cleaning out a Maguire Blender

Maguire’s blenders are designed to easily manage material changes and clean out. No tools required with rapid access leads to simple cleaning and operation. Designed with either removable or fixed hoppers, cleaning out our blenders only takes minutes. Reduce your down time and eliminate contamination.


Get to know: Novatec Vacuum Loaders

With some many types of vacuum loaders on the market, how do you know which one is right for you? Novatec has all the possiblities covered. With self contained loaders, blow back options, brushed or brushless motors Novatec has the right type of loader for your application. See all they have to offer below.

How A Gravimeteric Blender Works

When adding color to your process, today as in the past, processors focus on product quality and cost. Accuracy was, and still is, the key to achieving these objectives. Not just accuracy when first set up, but continuous accuracy over the entire production run. With a robust construction and close to 60,000 Maguire Gravimetric Blender running worldwide, we strive to improve quality and reduce cost.