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Kevin Binzen
PNA Technical Services
(630) 485-1115

Are you looking to get more out of your existing equipment, or do you have equipment capacity that is not being utilized because you don't have the manpower to fix or maintain it?

PNA Technical Services can help!

  • Authorized Toshiba Service Tech
  • Authorized Yushin Robot Service Provider
  • Authorized Novatec Service Provider
  • Complete Preventative Maintenance Programs - Plant wide or machine specific
  • Check Single Pointing and Platen Parallelism
  • Replacement of worn toggle bushings
  • Hydraulic oil sampling
  • Barrel and Screw Services - Monitoring, Measuring, Replacement and Repair
  • Machine Cleaning
  • Filter Monitoring and Cleaning
  • Plastics Processing Equipment Repair
  • Auxiliary Equipment Refurbishing Services - Dryer desiccant and filter replacement programs, Motor and pump seal replacement , motor rewinding, Granulator blade replacement.
  • Service Contracts - To provide service to companies that find themselves short handed due to manpower reductions or vacations. Contracts are available on a daily, weekly or monthly basis
  • Consulting and Project Management Services
  • Used Equipment Search, Inspection and Reporting Services 
  • Material Conveying Installations and Support

PNA Technical Services personnel have more that 17 years of experience in equipment service and repair, with an extensive knowledge of hydraulic and electronic components. PNA Technical Services will make your job easier.